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Line 6 XD-Series

Digital wireless systems

What is it?A range of four digital wireless systems: two incorporating handheld cardioid microphones – XD-V30 and XD-V70 – and two beltpack lavalier microphone systems: XD-V30L and XD-V70L. DetailsAll XD-Series digital wireless systems feature Line 6’s DCL (Digital Channel Lock) and PDP (Proprietary Data Placement) technologies, provide encoded digital transmissions, govern against AF interference and audio artefacts, and ensure reliable operation in hostile RF environments. XD-Series systems deliver 10Hz – 20kHz audio frequency response, up to 120dB dynamic range and 24-bit digital conversion. The XD-V30 and XD-V70 models feature high-quality microphones (one in the XD-V30; seven in the XD-V70) which the company describe as “inspired by the world’s leading live-sound microphones”. The XD-V30 and XD-V30L are 6-channel devices with a 100ft range; the 1/3U rack receivers incorporate metal and polycarbonate chassis with internally-mounted antennas and are supplied with a carrying case. The XD-V70 and XD-V70L offer 12 channels over a 300ft range. The 1/2U rack receivers employ heavy-duty metal chassis and also feature built-in antenna distribution systems. All four digital wireless systems broadcast in the 2.4GHz band, avoiding interference from high-powered sources and allowing license-free use worldwide.