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Line 6 StageSource L3t

Multi-purpose intelligent speaker

What is it?An intelligent, active 3-way speaker suitable for a variety of live performance applications including front-of-house PA, floor monitoring, personal PA, keyboard and acoustic guitar backline.DetailsSaid to be built on a new technology platform through which a single enclosure can adapt to multiple live sound functions, the L3t incorporates Smart Speaker modes, an internal accelerometer and optical sensors capable of detecting whether the speaker has been pole-mounted or angled for use as a monitor. The tri-amped design delivers 1.4kW through dual 10” woofers and a horn-loaded, 1” exit compression driver to produce a maximum 132dB SPL. The 100º x 50º constant-directivity waveguide is said to provide consistent coverage across the entire frequency range and optimised dispersion within the audience area, while the narrow vertical pattern minimises reflections off ceilings and floors.Used as a standalone PA system, the L3t benefits from a built-in mixer with two mic/instrument inputs, 3-band EQ with sweepable mid-range, Smart Effects (modulation and reverb), Line 6 acoustic guitar modeling and 12-band feedback suppression technology. For larger venues, it can be configured for use in front-of-house and monitor systems; connected via L6 LINK, the speakers automatically detect each other and adjust their settings accordingly. StageSource L3t combines heavy-duty plywood construction, durable fitments, a steel front grille, four M10 suspension points and a pull-back for installation applications.And another thing… Used in conjunction with the L3t, the StageSource L3s subwoofer operates in one of four Smart Speaker modes, optimising its output for different applications and automatically adjusting crossover and level settings.