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Line 6 StageSource L2m, L2t

DSP-controlled speakers

What is it?A pair of DSP-controlled speakers from Line 6’s StageSource series designed to combine portability and flexibility across a broad range of applications.DetailsTaking their design cues from the StageSource L3 range of speakers, the L2m and L2t models are said to offer seamless integration with other Line 6 products such as the 1200W L3 subwoofer and the StageScape M20d digital mixer using the company’s proprietary L6 Link digital network protocol to create a smart mixing system. When connected, the M20d will recognise the speakers and send them appropriate monitor feeds, prompting them to automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimisation.The StageSource L2m and L2t models are 2-way, 800W enclosures designed for bi-amped operation – the L2t also featuring onboard mixing functions, effects, feedback suppression and acoustic guitar modelling options. Both offer six DSP-based Smart Speaker modes to optimise output for a variety of performance scenarios including FOH, floor monitoring, personal PA and keyboard/acoustic guitar backline. Onboard sensors detect orientation and set the Smart Speaker mode accordingly. An internal 12-band processor offers intelligent feedback suppression with three selectable modes to determine how aggressively the system operates.And another thing…The L2m and L2t models are made from touring-grade plywood and heavy duty steel grilles with protective screen backing designed to shield drivers from impace damage.