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Line 6 StageScape M20d

Touchscreen mixing system

What is it?A 20-input ‘smart’ mixing system for live sound applications.DetailsStageScape M20d uses a combination of input jack sensing, a touchscreen-based visual mixing environment and a range of professional sound tools to prepare, process and route signals automatically. In place of traditional knobs and faders, the touchscreen control surface provides a graphic representation of the stage. Simply touching the appropriate screen image provides total control of each channel with the M20d guiding you through optimal settings of signal level, EQ, dynamics, effects, monitor routing etc, and an advanced operation mode allowing more detailed editing of parameters.Moving a single finger around the touchscreen allows simultaneous adjustment of multiple parameters. Being very much orientated toward the musician, the M20d uses musical terms such as ‘light’ and ‘dark’ to dial in sounds in an effort to “remove layers of non-creative tasks” when creating a live mix. The M20d also records 16 channels plus the main mix in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV format to SD card, USB drive or direct to a Mac or PC. Connection is also possible to an iPad (via optional USB Wi-Fi adaptor) for complete remote control over all mixer functions – including the front-of-house mix from anywhere in the audience.And another thing…StageSource speakers can be integrated into the system using Line 6’s proprietary digital networking L6 LINK. The M20d recognises which speakers are being used as monitors and sends them monitor feeds. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimisation.