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Line 6 Relay G55

Wireless guitar system

What is it?A digital wireless system for guitarists playing in live environmentsDetailsThe Relay G55 is described as a “tour-grade system” in a compact, half-rack cabinet offering twelve channels of compander-free 24-bit audio, full 10Hz–20kHz frequency response and a wide dynamic range of 117dB. Operating license free in the 2.4GHz ISM band like other Line 6 wireless systems, the G55 employs proprietary technologies to prevent audio interference from other devices. Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology distinguishes Relay G55 audio from other wireless sources – including Wi-Fi – to maintain the signal integrity at distances up to up to 300ft.A selectable Cable Tone feature simulates the subtle frequency roll-off of a standard 25ft guitar cable, recreating the sound of a wired guitar while retaining the freedom of wireless technology. Up to twelve Relay G55 systems may be used simultaneously or combined with other Relay and XD-V products, making it easy to mix and match instrument and vocal systems to suit individual needs. Transmitter and receiver units provide clear displays of essential system information. The bodypack transmitter has an LCD screen for selecting channels and checking battery level while the receiver includes a bright, five-segment LED display for monitoring RF strength, battery status and audio levels.And another thing… The Relay G55 receiver is housed in a solid aluminium chassis designed to fit on top of an amplifier, while the optional rack mount kit makes it easy to adapt system to any professional installation.