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Lightwave Miniscreen

What is it? A fabric/mesh slip-on microphone windshield, optimised for dialogue applications. DetailsThe Miniscreen works by creating an area of ‘dead air’ around the microphone to ensure clean audio. It offers overall microphone protection as well as wind noise attnuation of up to 20dB. Designed to be unobtrusive in appearance it can be used both indoors and out and incorporates an innovative support-disc system to hold the microphone in place. The Miniscreen is a one-size-fits-all design in terms of diameter, but is available in eight different lengths to suit a wide range of microphones. For more adverse weather conditions there is the MiniWindmaster for use with the Miniscreen. A zip-on cover with 25mm deep-pile artificial fur, the MiniWindmaster is designed to fit snuggly over the Miniscreen to reduce wind noise even further. Lightwave was bought by Rycote and its products absorbed into the new owner’s ranges but some distributors continue to list these windshields under their original company name.