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Lectrosonics Quadra

Wireless monitor

 What is it?A digital wireless monitor system. DetailsComprising the M4R belt-pack diversity receiver and M4T half-rack transmitter, the Quadra system features digital RF modulation, two or four channels of 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio, analogue or digital inputs plus a mixing interface. It operates in the license-free ISM band between 902-928MHz and has a throughput latency of 1ms for the analogue inputs and <0.5ms for the digital inputs. The M4R diversity belt-pack receiver is said to provide a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution, backlit LCD and membrane switches. The system includes a four-channel mixer allowing performers to tailor the mix in real time, based on what is sent to the transmitter from the monitor console. Several channel setups and control configurations are available and the M4R runs for up to 6 hours on three alkaline AA batteries. The M4T half-rack transmitter delivers a transmission power of 200mW for extended operating range. Its locking XLR connectors allow connection of both analogue or digital (AES/EBU) audio sources and the design incorporates a high-resolution, backlit LCD and large membrane switches said to provide an intuitive interface designed for use even in ‘challenging’ environments. The included hardware supports rack-mounting of two M4T units together in a 1RU configuration. A USB connection provides for future firmware updates in the field and the M4T operates on AC mains power, avoiding the use of an external PSU.