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Lectrosonics HH Transmitter

Wireless mic transmitter

What is it?The latest addition to Lectrosonics’ range of digital hybrid wireless microphone systems offering support for interchangeable mic capsules and providing compander-free audio. DetailsSaid to offer a wealth of features – including the ability to accept third-party, thread-on capsules – the handheld HH Transmitter is described as a slim, elegant, but robust design with 44dB of input gain, making it ideal for a variety of capsule sensitivities and differences in source volume. The transmitter is available with a choice of condenser capsules – the HHC cardioid and the HHS supercardioid models – and features a membrane switch control panel/high-resolution LCD display. Said to facilitate intuitive operation and setup, this menu-driven system offers a range of key parameters, including operating frequency, audio modulation level and battery status. For greater versatility, the HH Transmitter includes a talkback feature providing communication between the performer and, for example, a front-of-house mix engineer. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and offers selectable RF power at 50mW or 100mW. The transmitter will be available in all Lectrosonics’ standard frequency blocks for both US and export markets. In addition to Lectrosonics’ own thread-on capsules, other models using a 1.25”/28 thread pitch can be used such as those from EV, Shure, Heil Sound and Telefunken.