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LD Systems Roadboy 6.5

Compact, portable sound system

What is it?A portable, flexible sound system suitable for small events, conferences, multimedia applications, schools and houses of worship, etc. DetailsThe ultra-compact, battery-powered Roadboy 6.5 system measures 32cm x 22cm and weighs only 5kg. Its built-in combo amplifier delivers an output of 30W RMS, producing >95dB maximum SPL from the 6.5” full-range speaker. It includes both mic and auxiliary inputs, main output for a passive speaker plus an auxiliary out. 2-channel EQ is also offered together with a voice-priority talkover function. The standard configuration of the system incorporates a CD/MP3 player with gain control plus USB and SD inputs. Also included is a UHF PLL 16-channel wireless system with dynamic WS1616MD microphone and there’s an optional WS1616BP beltpack and headset/Lavaliere microphone. Roadboy 6.5 operates from a built-in 12V/2.9AH battery capable of running the unit up to 5 hours – or from a 100V – 250V switchable AC external supply.