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LD Systems DDQ10, DDQ12

Multi-application powered speakers

What is it? A pair of full-range, powered speakers for compact systems, FOH and monitor applications, delay lines and permanent installations. Details Loaded with 10” and 12” Faital Pro woofers and BMS tweeters, DDQ speakers are driven by two Hypex UCD400 400W power stage modules offering fully load-dependent, linear frequency response and maximum efficiency thanks to the built-in switching power supply. The 10” DDQ10 system has a maximum sound level pressure of 132dB rising to to 1345dB for the 12” DDQ12 model. Signals are processed by a Sharc DSP programmed especially for the DDQ active systems with converters offering 127dB dynamic range. The processing section incorporates volume control, delay, EQ, crossover, phase and all protection functions for the drivers and power amps – including a predictive peak limiter offering a 1ms look-ahead time to ensure “absolutely distortion-free reproduction even at maximum volume”. Heat sinks and a silent fan provide additional protection against overheating. The asymmetrical tweeter horn is said to deliver optimal, even sound level distribution across the entire audience; its design ensuring “extraordinarily dynamic, linear reproduction” up to 20kHz. Manufactured from multiplex, DDQ bass-reflex cabinets incorporate Evolutive handles and with their comparatively low weight are said to be easy to transport. And another thing… Thanks to their integral 50° angle, DDQ enclosures can also be used as active monitors.