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Lawo plug-ins just the job for Marell Audio Media

Würzburg, Germany-based Marell Audio Media is using the Lawo Plug-in Collection as a primary tool in its sound editing process.

Würzburg, Germany-based Marell Audio Media is using the Lawo Plug-in Collection as a primary tool in its sound editing process.

The company – which is also active in the area of corporate audio design and station IDs – counts ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and SWR (Southwest Broadcasting) among its many customers.

Alexander Klebl (pictured) and Achim von Bassen initially compose and produce their jingles as computer-based scores in their studio in Würzburg. If feedback is positive, they subsequently complete full productions of their jingles, sometimes bringing in complete string sections.

When it comes to the studio’s production philosophy, Klebl said that is a preference for “a combination of analogue classics with modern, digital tools. Lawo’s Plug-in Collection, particularly the EQ, is the perfect kit to achieve this. We use it across different genres, including classical music, rock/pop, and even synthetic audio designs.”

By way of example, he pointed to the recording of a piano trio in which the violin was insufficiently audible in the mid-range. “Using the EQ I was able to adjust the frequencies in question in a very precise and detailed manner,” said Klebl. “The various filter settings came in very handy at this point. The EQ itself operates extremely efficiently, so that even the smallest gain adjustments can be heard, something I had only experienced with analogue EQs, and a testament to the quality of this specific Lawo plug-in. In the end, the edited production sounds totally natural and not at all technical.”

Lawo’s Wolfgang Huber tells PSN-e: “The Lawo Plug-in Collection fits perfectly when precision audio tools are requested and so it is very well-accepted even by the most ambitious and discriminating customers and artists. Germany’s famous producers of popular German hip-hop band Söhne Mannheims, Michael Herberger and Winnie Leyh, use the Lawo Plug-in Collection. Herberger: ‘For the recent tour recordings [by] Söhne Mannheims, Winnie and I decided [to use] a Lawo console and, since then, we have also [deployed] the Lawo Plug-ins in the studios. Their versatility and precision are unequalled.”

Lawo’s Plug-in Collection comprises 12 plug-ins: Automatic Gain Control, Compressor, Compressor + Sidechain Filter, Delay, Expander Gate, Gate + Sidechain Filter, Parametric EQ, Graphic EQ, Hyperpan, and ImageX Limiter. The plug-ins are compatible with Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Cakewalk Sonar, Digidesign’s Pro Tools, Magix Samplitude, Steinberg Cubase and others.