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Lawo, Merging supporting RAVENNA

IBC 2010 heralded a brace of significant announcements about the new RAVENNA technology for the IP-based real-time distribution of audio and other media content.

Developed by ALC NetworX – whose parent company is console manufacturer Lawo – RAVENNA provides a feature set including sub-sample synchronisation accuracy throughout even the largest networks while maintaining sub-millisecond latency with full signal transparency. The non-proprietary technology is scalable in line with network performance from one or two audio channels up to several hundred redundant channels with sample accurate play-out alignment of all network nodes.

Operating over conventional IP networks, RAVENNA does not require specialised network hardware, switches, adaptors and bridges, and can operate with the “vast majority” of current network protocols and topologies.

A further presence on the increasingly competitive networking/distribution landscape, RAVENNA was highlighted on the stands of both ALC NetworX and Lawo throughout IBC 2010. Committing to the technology, Lawo says that RAVENNA “poses a great opportunity for stretching out” its networking technology for mixing consoles and routing systems onto an IP-based platform. Lawo will also be “actively participating” in the further development of RAVENNA.

ALC NetworX senior product manager Andreas Hildebrand tells PSN-e: “Prior to the public launch of RAVENNA at IBC 2010 we envisioned to have [the] first RAVENNA-enabled products from Lawo and other current partner companies available within 12 months from now. With the overwhelming response we received during IBC, we are now confident that we will see additional Ravenna partners very soon and that RAVENNA will be adopted by even more companies than we initially expected. Obviously the time was ripe to introduce an IP-based real-time distribution solution based on widely deployed standards under a license-free open technology policy.”

Merging Technologies also highlighted its alignment with RAVENNA at IBC, suggesting that it possesses “all the right ingredients” to become the dominant IP standard in broadcast and recording”.

Claude Cellier, CEO of Merging Technologies, commented: “Merging Technologies has been developing a proprietary Ethernet-based audio streaming protocol for the past two years. It was a natural progression to join forces with like minded companies in the RAVENNA consortium. We expect RAVENNA to become a natural and seamless extension connecting directly to our existing MassCore Processing and Mixing engine. It has all the right ingredients to become our core I/O and control technology for the future.”

In other Lawo-related news, the company announced the latest addition to its radio console family during the Amsterdam trade gathering. The sapphire offers a specification including: up to 40 faders; the ability to connect up to 80 mono sources simultaneously; process stereo and 5.1 sources; flexibility of configuration; and the DALLIS DSP infrastructure. The console will also feature a RAVENNA Audio-over-IP interface “in the near-future”.