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Lawo mc²66 produces “The Voice of Germany”

Lawo’s mc²66 chosen to produce the German reality talent show where looks take a back seat to vocal talent.

The Voice of Germany is a reality talent show, based on the same competition format originally created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. Unlike other reality talent shows, judges on The Voice franchise of shows sit and listen with their backs to the artist. Only once they approve of the voice they’re listening to, do their chairs turn around to face the contestant. The sound engineers at Studio Berlin – where the show was recorded – produced the recently finished first seasons of The Voice of Germany on a Lawo mc²66 console. Preparation for the show included selecting individual effects for every vocalist, saving them as snapshots in the console. “Since the run of the show varied from one week to the next, we also had to adapt the GUI layout constantly. Both the snapshots and the ability to copy DSP values from the compressor and the EQ were a great help during the set-up of effects,” explained sound engineer Lars Bieber (pictured). Studio Berlin has used Lawo consoles since 2002. According to system administrator Uwe Herrmuth, one of the major points in favor of using Lawo was “the fact that Lawo does not sell ‘off-the-shelf‘ consoles, but rather a product that is largely adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.” The Voice of Germany is now the second reality talent show produced on Lawo consoles, the mc²66 having been chosen to handle Germany’s Eurovision Song Contest coverage last year.