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KV2 Audio for Pisek’s Civic Town Theatre

The KV2 Audio system was specified after town officials evaluated the sound system of several prominent theatres including The Culture Theatre, recently updated with new KV2 Audio loudspeakers.

A KV2 Audio system has been installed in the Civic Town Theatre in Pisek, Czech Republic as part of a major refurbishment of the 144-year-old building. The KV2 Audio system was specified after officers of the town visited several prominent theatres in order to evaluate their sound systems. The Culture Theatre, also in Pisek, stood out in terms of audio quality and had been recently updated with new KV2 Audio loudspeakers and control. KV2’s George Krampera created two individual systems for the Civic Town Theatre. The first was a music system comprising KV2 Audio ESR215 loudspeakers hung in columns each side of the stage, built into defined acoustical recesses in the walls so the speakers were not immediately visible. Krampera then made the unusual decision to place four single 21” subwoofers in the ceiling, virtually in the center of the auditorium. The idea was that in this position and height, the theatre seats were all within an ideal proportion of similar distance from the subwoofers. Four small KV2 ESD6 two-way enclosures were used to provide and continue intelligibility underneath the balcony, and are delayed to virtually disappear. The second system, described as an ‘actors or speech/play system,’ comprises four ESD12 loudspeaker enclosures at each corner of the stage. A further three ESD6 units have been placed at the immediate front edge of the stage/orchestra. On the stage itself, KV2 SD8 microphone preamplifiers are used each side of the stage for all microphone inputs.