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What is it?A powered 2-way studio monitor based on a bass reflex design and suitable for broadcast applications. DetailsThe VXT8 is a low-resonance enclosure offering improved structural integrity and extended low-end with front-firing slotted ports for reduced turbulence, plus a curved design said to provide excellent imaging characteristics and a wider sweet spot. The monitor houses a 1” silk domed tweeter offering fast transient response and new 8” Kevlar woofer design with a stiffer, lighter cone said to produce low distortion and extended low-end. Both include vented formers to remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression. A “rugged and extremely impact-resistant” ABS structural foam is used in the construction of the cabinet which has no parallel internal walls. The material is also said to have far better damping characteristics than traditional speaker materials, eliminating colouration caused by cabinet resonance. The VXT8 is powered by 120W and 60W low- and high-frequency amplifiers capable of delivering a maximum (peak) SPL of 114dB and a frequency response quoted at 37Hz – 22kHz. The design incorporates a 3-way switch capable of varying low-frequency response to compensate for the effects of room boundaries such as walls and corner locations. ‘Whole’ provides the most bass response; ‘Quarter’ rolls off the most low frequencies, while ‘Half’ provides a setting between the two. Other VTX features include a Clip Indicator/Limiter switch, ground lift switch, tamper-resistant switch covers and integrated Omni Mount supports.