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Kraushaar invests in JBL LSR monitors

Top British producer Bob Kraushaar has acquired a complete JBL LSR monitoring system for his Pro Tools studio.

Renowned UK Producer and mixing engineer Bob Kraushaar has purchased a pair of JBL LSR4328P nearfield monitors and a matched LSR4312 subwoofer for his Pro Tools studio. His studio facility is actually based at John O’Mahony’s six-room LA Sound Studios in Acton, where Kraushaar has been working for the past seven years. Kraushaar has worked with a string of top artists including Sir Paul McCartney, Elton John, Tom Jones and Gary Barlow; and his most recent project was mixing Pet Shop Boys The Most Incredible Thing and Honey Ryder’s latest album. Kraushaar purchased the JBL kit from JBL resellers Batmink, after having evaluated a demo rig through Sound Technology Ltd, JBL’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor. “Speakers either work in a room or they don’t – and the great thing about the JBL monitors is that they have Room Mode Correction (RMC) technology,” explains Kraushaar. “The system comes with a mic which you plug into a master speaker and it does a frequency sweep and EQs it accordingly.” JBL’s RMC technology is designed to analyse and correct the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy, the idea being that no matter what the acoustic properties of the environment are, the LSR4328s will deliver an accurate mix. Harman’s HiQnet network can also be used for optimisation, or a USB computer interface via any speaker. “This system is all about the bottom end and the clarity; it’s extremely warm and deep, clean and informative – with an even tonality at different levels,” Kraushaar insists. “These monitors tell me way more than any giant pair of speakers I have come across in a control room every did, and JBL should be making a huge deal about them – in fact, I wish I’d had these years ago.”