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Klotz Cables PIE-SL0150

Lockable mains cable

What is it?A mains cable featuring Klotz’ patented IEC Lock C13 socket. DetailsPIE-SL0150 incorporates a deadlock mechanism at the protective earth contact of the cable socket to prevent the unwanted disconnection of equipment during transport – or by vibration. This solution works with all IEC C13/10A mains connections, without the need to change equipment connectors. The 2-pole grounded Schuko mains plug also has a receptacle for French mains socket earthing pins (with a straight design) said to be easily connectable to all kinds of power strips. As a warning not to unplug the cable by pulling it, the outer cable jacket is coloured bright orange. In order to detach the IEC mains cable, it is necessary to press a release button on the socket.