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Kamesan KS-T2000

What is it?A 3-in, 2-out portable mixer designed for field work in broadcast applications. DetailsThe KS-T2000’s three balanced XLR inputs can be switched between line or microphone sensitivity and provide either 48V or 12V AB Phantom powering. Variable input sensitivity controls are provided to optimise gain for use with a range of microphones – from ‘hot’ condensers to low-output ribbon models – as well as dealing with variations in line-level inputs. The design includes switchable “sharp” 160Hz high-pass filters to eliminate most ambient, low-frequency noise and separate left/right output switches to route signals to the main faders and outputs. To maintain its compact proportions a single meter is provided – though the mixer offers full stereo operation. Low channel crosstalk and output isolation allow the mixer to be configured for multiple feeds, and a 1kHz tone oscillator is included for calibration purposes. A front-panel switch selects either direct mixer out or an EE (tape return) connection as a monitor source. Both headphone output and metering can be switched to left or right outputs, or mono mix of both. When the mixer is used for multi-mono applications, one of the main outputs can be designated as a separate live feed and monitored independently. The KS-T2000 will operate for five hours on four ‘AA’ cells or alternatively will accept (and regulate) any external 10V -15V DC supply.