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Kaltman Creations IWxCPA

Wireless systems antenna

What is it?An antenna for use with wireless microphone receivers and pro-audio antenna distribution systems. DetailsThe IWxCPA is designed to address the problem of microphone transmitting antennas changing their phase orientation in relation to the receiving antenna (particularly wireless mic and belt pack transmitters). Phase orientation can change as a transmitter moves behind objects and RF signals are reflected off surfaces, resulting in interference and reduced signal level at the receiver. The IWxCPA incorporates directional, CP (Circular Polarization) technology for both receiving and transmitting pro-audio wireless applications. According to Kaltman, the antenna is guaranteed to reduce interference and drop outs, help eliminate ‘swishing’ noise artefacts, improve RF signal-to-noise ratio and enhance reception of signals propagated through and around objects. The IWxCPA’s low-visibility flat panel design and CP technology creates a ‘drop-out free’ transmitter and receiver link that is said to be never out of phase. Unlike paddle and helical antennas that point into the performance area, exposing their large sides to the audience, the theatre black IWxCPA panel faces the performance area leaving only a 1.3” edge visible to the audience. The passive antenna has a 60º degree beam width and a circular polarised pattern in the 470MHz to 960MHz range. For use with in-ear monitor transmitters, IWxCPA offers a maximum input power rating of 3W.And another thing… The 10” x 10” x 1.3” 1WxCPA antenna offers swivel mic stand mounting capability (optional truss mount available) with a 50 ohm low-loss BNC connection.