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JuicedLink DS214

What is it?A low-noise preamplifier for connection to the mic inputs on camcorders and cameras. DetailsThe DS214 is a low-noise design offering high/low gain settings and individual level control for left and right channels. Each channel also has its own dedicated meter which can be calibrated to match different cameras and calibration points. The right and left channels combine to provide a mono headphone amplifier. For cameras which do not have manual audio control, the AGC Disable feature forces them to lower the output from inherently noisy amplifiers to achieve better signal-to-noise performance. Maximum overall gain is quoted at 30dB. The DS214 features dual level meters and a built-in headphone amplifier and is housed in an aluminium enclosure approx. 3.5” x 3” x 1.7”. Various mounting bracket accessories are available to attach the DS214 to the camera including the DIY107 which mounts to the VideoMic or camera hot shoe, the DIY102 left-side bracket and DIY101 rectangular bracket.