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Jekyll and Hyde mixed with Innovason Eclipse

The acclaimed Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde opened this year’s Szeged Open-Air festival in Szeged, Hungary, and was mixed on an Innovason Eclipse GT digital console feeding a custom-built PA system.

The season opener of this year’s Szeged Open-Air festival – the acclaimed Broadway musical Jekyll & Hyde – was mixed on an Innovason Eclipse GT digital console. The festival, which takes place at Dóm Square in Szeged, Hungary, is the country’s largest open-air theatre and music event, and the most visited summer cultural event of the region. ES Audio’s Sandor Elek has been managing audio for the festival for the last 12 years via his rental company, Votec. “My goal is to improve the sound year on year,” explained Elek. “We already made a big difference last year in working with internationally renowned classical engineers such as Carsten Kümmel and Thomas Mundorf whose approach to classical music and in particular their knowledge about the use of condenser microphones measurably improved the sound quality.” Elek also deployed his own loudspeaker system that he developed specifically for music and theatre use. “I couldn’t find anything on the market that fulfilled my requirements for transparency and flexibility for classical music applications, so I built my own!” he said. Following an introduction to Pandora, the new panning algorithm on the Eclipse GT console, Elek got in touch with the local Innovason partner, Microsound in Budapest to supply the Eclipse GT, as well as an Sy80 for Jekyll & Hyde. “The Pandora function is amazing,” stated Elek. “I didn’t think it was possible to make such a difference to the definition of the stereo image for the audience just by turning a pan pot, but Pandora makes it possible. You can hear a true stereo image that goes from full left to full right and back without any loss of signal for those sat at the extremes. It’s incredible.” “I was impressed by the quality of the orchestra sound,” Elek concluded. “Carsten’s mix worked really well throughout the 4000- seat auditorium, no matter where you were placed. You could hear everything from everywhere. It’s going to be a real challenge to improve on this next year!”