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JBL Professional LSR6332

What is it?A 3-way passive studio monitor system incorporating JBL’s Linear Spatial Reference design. DetailsThe LSR6332 houses a 12” Differential Drive dual coil woofer, 5” Kevlar mid-range speaker and a 1” titanium composite tweeter. The Advanced Linear Spatial Reference design is said to ensure flatter response at the mix position while JBL’s Differential Drive technology offers ‘dynamic braking’ for extended low-frequency response and low power compression. The mid-range driver is a Neodymium design with a 2” voice coil and Kevlar cone said to combine an extended frequency response and low distortion. The high-frequency transducer incorporates an elliptical ‘oblate spheroidal’ waveguide and damped polepiece to produce a 100° x 60° dispersion characteristic. A high-density baffle and ‘linear dynamics aperture’ port are designing to eliminate turbulence and reduce compression. Frequency response is quoted as 60Hz – 22kHz (+1dB/-1.5dB) and sensitivity at 93dB. The mid- and high-frequency drivers are mounted within millimetres of each other on a cast aluminium sub-baffle that can be rotated for horizontal or vertical placement for maximum flexibility and to prevent console and ceiling splash from interfering with imaging and depth. The LSR6332 is normally mounted in the horizontal position with the mid- and high-frequency elements toward the middle. This provides the lowest elevation, maximises sight lines and reduces shadowing effects of soffit mount monitors. Both left and right-hand versions are available to maintain symmetry in all orientations.