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It’s all about studio sustainability

With SustainabilityAV around the corner, guest speakers Andy Munro and Paul Diaz reveal the importance of energy-efficiency in the modern day recording studio

With PSNE/IE’s SustainabilityAV virtual conference only a week away, two of its featured speakers representing Munro Acoustics and Tree Sound Studios respectively give an insight as to what’s being done in Britain’s recording studios to protect the environment. Thirty years ago, Andy Munro founded Munro Acoustics, and has gone on to become one of the UK’s top acoustic consultants in the recording, broadcast and film sectors. Refreshingly, the former Shure applications engineer has a particularly green philosophy when approaching any job; and will discuss ways of creating more energy-efficient environments when he presents at SusAV on 3rd December. “When designing studios, you can do it from an ecological point of view,” insists Munro. “Studios consume energy – there’s no two ways about it – but you can mitigate that by using natural and recycled materials.” Another of the participating SusAV speakers will be Paul Diaz, owner and president of Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios and Tree Leaf Music, who will deliver the International Case Study at the end of the day. Tree Sound Studios comprises three studio spaces and a live stage area (known as The Cave); and employs a variety of hard-line green technologies including solar panels, low-energy LED lighting, and even a complimentary bio-diesel car service to and from the facility. Diaz is first to admit that a studio environment isn’t traditionally the most energy-efficient of workspaces, but insists that Tree Sound does “everything it can” to be green. It runs a solar- and wind-powered mobile rig which is located at the studio entrance; and to mark its recent 20th anniversary, invited a host of celebrities to pledge to commit to reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles. “The main push is to try and educate our clients about the various green options,” he explains. “We hope that some of this will stick with them; and maybe they will start spreading the message.”
The green-themed SustainabilityAV virtual conference will take place on Friday 3rd December and will demonstrate to attendees how they can run their businesses in a more environmentally-friendly way, manage budgets more effectively, and improve the marketing of green ethics and business practices to customers, stakeholders and peer groups. Full programme and speaker details are now available at the dedicated website,