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NAMM 2020: Alcons Audio LR24 line array to make global debut

The new LR24 was previewed at ProLight and Sound 2019

Previewed at ProLight+Sound in April 2019, the new Alcons LR24 pro-ribbon line array system is making its global debut at the NAMM show 2020.

The LR24 is a three-way, bi-amped, mid-size line array system ideal for medium-to-large touring and production applications. It features Alcons’ patented pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies; the RBN1202 12-inch pro-ribbon transducer has a power handling of 2500W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, from 1,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

The new line array system is driven by the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, optimising the system’s response by configuration-specific VHIR drive processing and feedback. 

 Tom Back, managing director Alcons Audio, said: “The LR24 is filling the gap we had between the compact LR18 and large-format LR28 pro-ribbon line-arrays and, as such, is a direct derivative of both systems. It shares features like low weight, bi-amped high output and the unique flying system of its larger sibling LR28. We had many requests from Alcons users that were looking for a high-end touring system solution, where the LR28 was simply too large for their majority of applications, but its sound performance was essential.”

Philip “Dr. Phil” de Haan, head of Alcons R&D, added: “With this new system, we were again able to introduce new technologies, continuing our strive for natural, uncoloured sound reinforcement with an intuitive response, regardless of type or size of application. From a two-seat studio, to a 2,000 seat Broadway show or a 20,000 seat rock concert, all with the exact same groundbreaking high-resolution. Or as we put it: “What You Mix Is What You Get!”