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The loudspeaker launches of NAMM 2020

L-Acoustics Kara II

With the pro audio hall growing year on year since its grand opening, this year’s loudspeaker offering was abundant with variety in power and purpose. Here, we’ve created a list of all of the loudspeaker goodness from the show…

L-Acoustics Kara II

For a decade, the Kara line source has been at the heart of numerous live performances and permanent installs across the globe. At NAMM 2020, L-Acoustics announced a new version of its Kara line array, Kara II.

The new Kara II features Panflex, which gives Kara four-in-one directivity, covering any and all audience geometry. The four different directivity patterns include: 70° or 110° symmetrical and 90° asymmetrical, steering to either the left or right. In its 70° configuration, Kara II packs a full two dB more than in 110°.

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Alcons Audio LR24

The LR24 is a three-way, bi-amped, mid-size line array system ideal for medium-to-large touring and production applications. It features Alcons’ patented pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies; the RBN1202 12-inch pro-ribbon transducer has a power handling of 2500W and RMS-to-peak ratio of 1:15, from 1,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

The new line array system is driven by the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, optimising the system’s response by configuration-specific VHIR drive processing and feedback.

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d&b audiotechnik has introduced a new addition to its SL-Series line array family, the KSL-SUB. The KSL-SUB is available in both flown and ground stack (G) versions, providing a small, lightweight format that extends the frequency response of a KSL system down to 36Hz.

“The KSL subwoofers are the next step in d&b‘s continuing obsession with innovation, efficiency, performance and directivity control,” said Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer, product manager, d&b audiotechnik.

The company also cut the ribbon for its new office and training centre based in Signal Hill, California, which conveniently coincided with the NAMM show. It represents the brand’s expansion into the US and investment in customer care.

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Renkus-Heinz ICLive X and DC12/2 series

The ICLive X series is Renkus-Heinz’s latest evolution of the medium-format, steerable line array. It provides flexibility for integrators, contractors, and production/rental houses, consisting of two combinable and steerable array modules, the ICLX and ICLXL, and a matching subwoofer, the ICLX-118S.

The first product in the Directivity Control Series, the DC12/2 compact, steerable self-powered column array brings the features of Renkus-Heinz’s digitally steered line arrays to smaller spaces. It is also the first digitally steered array with control via smartphone or tablet.

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Ashly Audio

Ashly Audio launched seven new loudspeaker models at NAMM 2020. These included column speakers, a passive subwoofer, passive all-weather speakers, and passive all-weather speakers with built-in transformer.

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Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M

The EVOLVE 30M system includes a speaker array, a two-piece pole connector, an array, and pole backpack carry case and a powered subwoofer. It also has an eight-channel digital mixer, studio-quality onboard effects, and remote control of all audio, effects and mix functions via the Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile application.

This pro sound speaker system is ideal for solo musicians/performers and smaller music groups and venues, due to it being easy-to-use, portable and lightweight.

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BishopSound, the fast-growing, Yorkshire-based pro sound speaker manufacturer, made its NAMM debut this year.

Having recently launched its first passive line array system, and while simultaneously expanding its wide range of affordable PA equipment, BishopSound introduced a new series of British-designed and manufactured speakers at NAMM 2020.

The first of the new BishopSound models is a 2×18 inch high power subwoofer, initially designed to complement the company’s new Delta Dual eight-inch passive line array.

Also launched was a three-way enclosure featuring a 15-inch woofer, eight-inch mid-range driver and 1.75 inch HF unit. The third BishopSound introduction was a high-fidelity passive wedge monitor available in Left- or Right-hand versions.

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JBL IRX Series

The IRX Series includes the IRX108BT, which features an eight-inch woofer, and the IRX112BT, which features a 12-inch woofer.

The new pro sound speakers are equipped with a 1,300-Watt amplifier, four custom EQ presets, and built-in dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression, which makes your performance or presentation sound polished and prevents feedback. In addition, one-touch ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected to ensure the vocals take precedence.

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SRM V-Class

Mackie launched the new SRM V-Class series of powered pro sound speakers at NAMM, a reimagining of its classic SRM series.

Designed for a variety of professional sound-reinforcement applications, the series consists of three models: the SRM210 V-Class, SRM212 V-Class, and SRM215 V-Class, with 10-, 12-, and 15-inch low-frequency transducers, respectively. 

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Mackie also launched its latest entry into the portable PA market, the SRM-Flex portable column PA system.

With a six-channel digital mixer and complete wireless control and streaming with the SRM-Flex Connect app, SRM-Flex is ideal for solo acts, small bands, presentations, events, and DJs.

The modular design of SRM-Flex features a 10-inch LF woofer in the molded cabinet base module which also contains the 1,300W amplifier and built-in digital mixer. The three-piece tower houses a wide-dispersion array with six two-inch HF drivers for clear, whole room coverage.

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Celestion and Bergantino Audio

Celestion presented the latest in its series of alnico magnet guitar speakers, Celestion Ruby, at NAMM 2020.

Hailing from its heyday in the 1960s, Celestion’s latest alnico magnet guitar speaker has been purpose-built to create smooth, warm vintage tones. Rated at 35-watts power handling, the Ruby is ideal for use with mid-powered amps and combos. Joining the Blue, Gold and Cream as the fourth Celestion G12 alnico, the Ruby is the latest addition to the bunch.

Celestion has also partnered with bass amplification pioneer Jim Bergantino and his company, Bergantino Audio Systems on its new line of NXT (Neo X-treme Technology) bass speaker cabinets. The new Bergantino bass speaker cabinets feature a Celestion-designed driver specifically for bass amplification.

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At the NAMM show 2020, Yamaha has launched new white models of its flagship DZR/CZR and DXS XLF/CXS XLF series of pro sound speakers and subwoofers.

All DZR/CZR and DXS XLF/CXS XLF models will be available in the new white finish, providing more options for a greater variety of uses, such as hotel banquets, houses of worship and auditoriums, where the audio system needs to blend into the design of the space.

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LD Systems
LD Systems ICOA

LD Systems revealed its new ICOA series of active coaxial PA speakers at the show, which each have a rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn as well as DynX DSP presets. Each ICOA model can be used both vertically as a satellite and horizontally as a stage monitor. The BT versions also enable wireless Bluetooth streaming.

The brand also launched its new MAUI 44 G2 active column PA system at NAMM. Featuring 1,500 W RMS and 130 dB Max. SPL, the MAUI 44 G2 relies on the sound advantages of a cardioid column system and enables controlled dispersion in the low-mid frequencies. In combination with a second subwoofer, the low-end can also be operated in a cardioid configuration, providing focused public address and an acoustically clean stage.

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