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Innovason announces Russian distributor

After taking delivery of Innovason equipment in 2011 Imlight has now been appointed the manufacturer's Russian distributor, writes Paul Watson.

Imlight LLC is in the spotlight as the new Russian distributor for Innovason. Handling some of the biggest tours and events throughout Russia, Imlight is one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of professional sound, lighting and staging equipment.

Imlight took delivery of the Eclipse GT at the end of last year and has already assigned it to a number of big name gigs, including that of German artist Thomas Anders’, who was the lead singer of Germany’s pop-duo, Modern Talking. 
 Imlight’s rental department also handled the sound requirements for a leg of the Philipp Kirkov tour. Kirkov is one of Russia’s biggest and most controversial singer/songwriters. According to Imlight’s Pavel Zausov, Kirkorov’s engineer was delighted with the performance of the Eclipse GT, despite initial reservations, as he was more used to working on analogue consoles. 
 “It was the same thing for Thomas Anders’ engineer,” says Zausov. “During our preliminary negotiations with the sound engineer, he had requested to use an analogue console from a different manufacturer. Unfortunately, just before the sound check, we discovered a few technical problems with the console, so we immediately swapped it out for an Eclipse GT.

“The engineer was initially resistant, going from an analogue to a digital console, but once we’d spent just a few minutes showing him around the Eclipse, he was like a child with a new toy! He picked it up very quickly, and commented on how intuitive and easy to use it was. He was also extremely impressed by the sound quality, so it was a positive experience all round.”