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Innovason and Apex go into the Archive

British band Archive used an Innovason Eclipse console and Apex Intelli-X² processor during their recent sell-out European tour, writes Paul Watson

UK trip hop/progressive rock act Archive has enjoyed huge success in continental Europe for almost twenty years, and recently embarked on a sold-out mini European tour with a philharmonic orchestra, where FOH engineer Spike Jones (pictured) opted for an Innovason Eclipse console at the helm which he ran in tandem with an Avid Profile. In addition, an Apex Intelli- X² 48 processor was deployed to EQ the various house PA systems. Jones used a full complement of Neumann digital microphones for the orchestra, which was controlled by the Eclipse. The first show to use the digital mics took place at iconic art deco Parisian venue, Le Grand Rex, and the final show at the concert hall at the University of Berlin was recorded live using Eclipse’s integrated digital recorder, M.A.R.S. “I’ve really enjoyed using the Eclipse over the last few weeks,” says Jones. “Archive’s recent shows have included an orchestra as well as the band’s electric instruments, so I’ve been using the Eclipse in conjunction with the Profile to manage the two elements. Blending the two is invariably a challenge, but the clean sound and operating system of the Eclipse has made the job much easier.” Jones used the Profile for the band mix and sent the outputs onto two channels of the Eclipse which also handled all the orchestra mics. This enabled Jones to use the Eclipse as the main console, taking 38 inputs from the orchestra, six FX stereo returns, and eight VCAs. Jones used the intelli-X² to help blend the orchestra with the sound of the band, and says the unit provided significant advantages over more traditional processors in getting the job done. He also used its word clock to sync the Eclipse console and as the master EQ in AES mode. “The compression and notch filtering of key frequencies has been a great help in mixing Archive’s musicians with the orchestra; compared with an old analogue graphic EQ I was using, the clean sound is so refreshing,” he explains. “And at the last show, I used it in analogue mode and it produced great results in cleaning up the old club system sound.” Innovason has also just appointed Alexandre Liagre as sales manager in France. Liagre will replace Philippe Guillo, who will return to manage and run his own rental company Koroll Sonorisation.