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InfoComm visited by 33,001

A new media networking technology from Bosch was among the headline-making developments showcased at InfoComm 2011, which is said to have been the second largest commercial AV show ever held.

A new media networking technology from Bosch was among the headline-making developments showcased at InfoComm 2011, which is said to have been the second largest commercial AV show ever held.

Taking place between 15 and 17 June, InfoComm 2011 drew 33,001 AV professionals from more than 90 countries. It was the largest event ever held by InfoComm in Orlando.

A total of 925 exhibitors participated in the show, occupying more than 475,000 net square feet of exhibition and special events space.

Randal A. Lemke, executive director & CEO, InfoComm International, commented: “InfoComm continues to be the one trade show where most professional AV service providers make their important buying decisions for the year. The AV marketplace has enthusiastically embraced InfoComm as the place to make their purchasing choices, network with product and service providers, and enhance skills through our robust educational programme.”

The latest addition to the media networking technology segment was OMNEO, introduced by Bosch Security Systems’ Communications Systems Division. OMNEO has two components: an audio program transport protocol suite offering low-latency, high quality multichannel audio stream exchange; and a control protocol suite providing system control for pro media networks of various sizes.

Employing Audinate Dante networking technology for routable IP media transport, OMNEO’s system control component is an open Bosch Communications System development descended from AES-24. Referred to as OCA (Open Control Architecture), the technology has been further crystallised by the launch of the eight-company-strong OCA Alliance (read PSNE’s coverage here:

These new developments are regarded as being complementary to AVB and the work of AVB-supporting organisation the AVnu Alliance – of which Bosch is also a member.

Bill Scott, Bosch Security Systems’ Communications Systems Division v-p of engineering & technology, commented: “Since the early 1990s, the pro audio industry has sought a common scheme by which audio and video devices from diverse manufacturers could interoperate harmoniously over standard digital networks. In such networks, devices share both program content and system control to provide users with powerful integrated multi-vendor solutions.

“Until recently, industry progress in this area has been discouraging. However, new IEEE developments – the 802.1AVB protocol suite and related media transport standards 1722 and 1733 – have made major advances on one of the two fronts: program transport. Collectively known as ‘AVB,’ these accomplishments are rekindling industry optimism in universal media networking. It now seems that for the first time in history, common professional media networking standards are within reach.”

EAW showcased new developments from a number of its pro loudspeaker series. Specific items included the new VF Series family of products, comprising five VFR two-way full-range loudspeakers, two VFS Subwoofers and three VSM stage monitors; the QX Series loudspeakers, oriented towards installed applications requirong ‘precise directivity’ in a low-profile form; even smaller format additions to the MicroWedge Series of stage monitors with the MicroWedge8 and MicroWedge10; the new SBK Series Subwoofers (SBK150, SBK180 and SBK250), which can complemented EAW’s MK series of full-range loudspeakers or be deployed as standalones; and the addition of support for EAW Focusing in Lab.gruppen’s PLM (Powered Loudspeaker Management) Series and Powersoft K Series DSP Series amplifiers, following on from a strategic partnership between the three brands that was announced in 2010.

Lab X Technologies, meanwhile, announced its AVB Audio Platform launch for Analog Devices’ Blackfin processors. The integration of Lab X technology brings a complete AVB firmware suite to Blackfin VDK development.

Lee Minich, president of Lab X, commented: “The combination of our audio network connectivity with the robust architecture and signal processing capabilities of Blackfin will enable a new level of integration and flexibility for our manufacturer clients, while broadening the market with a wide array of new AVB applications.”

Outline brought multiple new developments to the table. The GTO (Grand Touring Outline) Series of line array speakers combines high power output in a compact and relatively lightweight cabinet featuring Outline’s patented Butterfly design. The band Slightly Stoopid has already taken GTO out on the road, thanks to supplier Dowlen Sound. The Italian manufacturer also presented the new iSM line of powered stage monitor speakers (iSM 112, iSM 115, iSM 212) incorporating Outline’s integrated iMode Intelligent Digital Loudspeaker Control Platform. And staying on the subject of iMode, Outline debuted an app that allows anyone with an iPad or iPad 2 to control iMode functions via the web.

More InfoComm highlights to follow on PSNE.

Image Credit: Paddy Baker