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Inaugural tour for Soundcraft Si Performer

Amber Audio is the first hire company to deploy Soundcraft’s recently launched hybrid sound and lighting console for British singer/songwriter Kyla La Grange’s UK club tour.

The recently launched Soundcraft Si Performer hybrid sound/lighting console has made its world debut, mixing the current UK club tour for British singer/songwriter Kyla La Grange. Bristol/Swindon-based Amber Audio is the first hire company to tour with the desk, with co-owner Paul Bullimore riding the faders at FOH for La Grange. Amber Audio already had a significant inventory of Soundcraft consoles, including GB4, GB8, K1, Series 2 and Si Compact 32 consoles, to which Bullimore compared the Si Performer favourably: “We had inquired about Soundcraft desk updates with this tour in mind and the timing of the Si Performer launch couldn’t have been better,” he said. “When Soundcraft showed us the new desk it contained everything that was good about the Si Compact 32 – along with even better features, such as the independent LCD channel screens and eight assignable VCA groups, which the Compact didn’t have. “But the strongest attribute is the select fader function which allows you to assign any fader to any job, and build the work surface you want specifically for the show you’re working on. The other notable feature is the TOTEM touch [The One Touch Easy Mix] which allows you to get to your mix with one button push; so the board is definitely quicker to navigate enabling engineers to get straight on and use it.”