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In ‘Praise’ of digital mics

Sound By Design opts for all digital microphones by Neumann at last week’s event, featuring the All Souls Orchestra.

London’s Royal Albert Hall experienced Neumann digital microphones for the first time last week for Prom Praise, featuring the All Souls Orchestra. Sound By Design (SBD), who for the past 20 years has handled sound duties for the event, used an array of Neumann KK 133 diffuse field omni mic capsules fitted to KM D output stages. Two additional digital mics, using standard KK 183 omni capsules, were also used. A joint demonstration day held by Sennheiser and DiGiCo at Dave Wooster’s Koolworld Studios in Luton in March of this year inspired the company to give digital a go. “Sennheiser’s Dave Wooster took us through the Neumann/Sennheiser range and demonstrated the advantages that digital mics could offer us and also showed us how easily we could integrate the mics into our existing inventory of DiGiCo consoles by simply adding AES42 input cards to our racks,” said SBD’s Griff Hewis. “With analogue, it’s often the case that you struggle with noise and unwanted artefacts over long cable runs,” Hewis added. “The difference using the Neumann digital mics was remarkable. The signals coming back were incredibly quiet and clean, while the improvement in the bottom end response was phenomenal.”

For the record, featured products at the Sennheiser/DiGiCo day included the DiGiCo SD10 with AES42 cards, Neumann TLM 103D KMR 81 D shotgun, KMD, KMS 105 and D01 (features 15 different remotely controlled direction characteristics and a newly developed capsule), Sennheiser 8000 range and Neumann KH120 monitors.