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IK Multimedia iKlip 2

iPad mounting system

What is it? A mic stand adapter and holder for iPad and iPad Mini tablets. Details The successor to the original iKlip, the iKlip 2 provides a “safe and sturdy” means of mounting an iPad (from the iPad 2 model onwards) to a microphone stand. Based on a ball joint design offering both vertical and horizontal adjustment and fast, tool-free rotation between portrait and landscape modes, iKlip 2 is compatible with stands or poles up to 1.2” diameter and features a re-designed mounting system said to be quick and easy to set up. A further model in the range – the iKlip Stand – offers desktop mounting for use when it’s necessary to have the iPad close at hand, but out of the way of other equipment or instruments on stage or around mixing desks. And another thing… Versions of both models are available to fit the iPad Mini and though designed primarily for Apple products, can also be used with other, similarly-size tablets.