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Huge night for Hugo at Oscars

Sound accolades continue for Hugo, winning Oscars for both Sound Editing and Sound Mixing. The 2012 Academy Award success follows a Best Sound BAFTA for the Scorcese-directed film.

Two weeks ago, Philip Stockton, Eugene Gearty, Tom Fleischman, and John Midgley collected a BAFTA Film Award for Best Sound for their work on the film Hugo. At the Academy Awards last night, the four men took to the stage once again to collect Oscars. John Midgely and Tom Fleischman collected for Sound Mixing, while Philip Stockton and Eugene Gearty collected for Sound Editing. Pictured here are (L-R) Oscar presenter Tina Fey, John Midgley, Tom Fleischman, and presenter Bradley Cooper. The awards marked the first win for all four sound professionals, though all but Stockton have been nominated for Academy Awards previously. Though an excellent night for the Hugo sound crew, it must have been an especially bitter loss for sound mixer Greg P Russell. This year’s Oscars marked his 15th nomination, though he has yet to bring home a single trophy. Though gutting, his record is still not quite as devastating as Kevin O’Connell’s record-breaking 20 nominations without a win. In an ironic twist, audio problems plagued the Academy Awards this year, inspiring the mock Twitter account @OscarsAudioGuy, from which its creator, Barrett Tryon, tweeted “Thank God we have closed captioning. #Oscars” to kick off a night of jokes at the award show’s expense. The account remains active, with it’s location set as “unemployment line”.

In related categories, Ludovic Bource won the Oscar for Music (Original Score) for The Artist, and best Music (Original Song) went to Bret McKenzie, who collected for Man or Muppet from The Muppets. photo credit: Todd Wawrychuk / ©A.M.P.A.S.