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Hook End Studios ups its analogue ante

Dean Street Studios’ continued representation of the residential Hook End Manor Studios has been a great success due to its host of classic analogue gear

Hook End’s new lease of life began last year when it was bought out by entrepreneur Mark White, and has now begun yielding good results and attracting some top-end clients thanks to the installation of an array of classic analogue equipment. The studio’s kit is designed to appeal to fans of classic gear and features a Fairchild 670, six Neve 1081 and 1073 pre-amps; and a huge selection of classic compressors including a Neve 2254, a Manley ‘Variable Mu’, a Phoenix valve compressor and a Tube-Tech LCA 2v. The machine room boasts an HD5 expanded Pro Tools rig with 112 I/O, utilising the SSL iBox interfaces together with 96 channels of Euphonix A-D/D-A. There is also an additional Pro Tools HD3 expanded system with 56 I/O which uses the SSL iBox interface via the studio MADI router and a 56 I/O MADI Logic 8/Cubase/Nuendo system. On top of this state-of-the-art set-up, there are also two Studer A827 analogue tape machines synchronised with the hard disk systems via Lynx synchronisers and Sync I/O units. Dean Street has also launched ‘The Dean Street Agency’ as part of the studio’s ongoing expansion plans. General manager Jasmin Lee is assisted in running the agency by Alys Gibson, creator and director of BANG Music Management, which is located in Dean Street Studios and focuses on the development and management of artists, producers, mix engineers and songwriters. “Together with the success of the relaunched Hook End Studios, this is a very exciting time for us,” Lee reveals. “We are often being asked by all sectors of the music industry for recommendations for all kinds of jobs, so it seemed the most natural move to be able to put forward trusted people for jobs that we know will fulfill the role.”

Pictured recording at the studio is upcoming singer/songwriter performer Tallulah Rendall. (PIC: Steve Teers from Diva Pix )