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Honourary Doctorate for Soundcraft co-founder

The Honourary Doctor of Science degree recognises Graham Blyth’s long and distinguished career in audio engineering and his leadership in advancing mixing console design.

Graham Blyth, co-founder of Soundcraft, has been awarded an Honourary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. The award recognises Blyth’s long and distinguished career in audio engineering and his leadership in advancing mixing console design. Blyth (pictured, left with Quintin McKellar, vice chancellor at the University of Hertfordshire), is currently technical director for Soundcraft. He has been involved in the design of numerous products including the Soundcraft Series 1, MH, FX16, LX7 and GB ranges, as well as the Series 2400 recording console, the Vi Series and most recently, the hybrid audio/lighting Si Performer console. Andy Trott, VP and general manager at Harman’s mixing, microphones and headphones business unit commented, “I think I speak for everyone at Soundcraft, Harman and thousands across our pro-audio industry who know Graham, when I congratulate him for his amazing achievements. He’s been a luminary of the industry for forty years and continues to be the best in the business, we all share a little of his pride!” “I was both surprised and delighted to hear that I was to be awarded this Honorary Degree,” Blyth said. “My engineering life has been constantly rewarding and stimulating and I continue to learn new skills as technology and the market constantly change. I particularly want to stress the vital role of the analogue engineer in what is now a very digital world. Ones and zeroes are never that black and white and I could bore for England on the subject of Clock Distribution.” In reading the citation, Reza Sotudeh, head of the school of engineering and technology at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Graham continues to innovate in his role as technical director at Soundcraft, putting his success down to having an inquiring mind. His designs are widely recognized for their ease of use and their superb audio quality. Following Graham being awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts in 2006 and Fellowship of the Audio Engineering Society in 2007, I am delighted to present this award to Graham.”