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Hoellstern Delta 8.4-DSP

4-Channel power amp

What is it?A 8kW power amplifier for applications from 4-way monitoring through to front-of-house PA applications. DetailsThe latest model in Hoellstern’s series of 4-channel amplifiers, the Delta 8.4-DSP is suitable for driving 4 to 16 ohm loads and features built-in 4-channel DSP (with free DSP configuration), optional remote control, “powerful and stable” outputs plus the full range of in/out protection functions incorporated in all Delta series amplifiers. In ‘On’ mode, each of the amplifier’s four channels delivers 1.3kW into 8 ohms and 1.7kW into 6 ohms; in ‘Off” mode, output power distribution changes to 4 x 850W at 8 ohms or 4 x 1.7kW into 4 ohms. The design incorporates Hoellstern’s DSP loudspeaker management system offering four discrete audio inputs, all with a short (0.2ms) latency. The system architecture is said to allow the success emulation of all external controllers and DSP amplifiers currently available. The setups of global manufacturers and the independent Hoellstern loudspeaker ‘library’ are available free of charge. According to Hoellstern, these raise the safety margin, facilitate daily routines and offer future proofing. The Delta 8.4-DSP may be operated via an RS-485 network and a PC or Mac using the free Konfigurator2 software or configured and controlled via the Hoellstern AmplifierTeacher.