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HHB secures exclusive Mogami deal

HHB has been appointed as exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Mogami cables.

HHB has secured an exclusive distribution deal in the UK and Ireland with renowned cable manufacturer Mogami, whose product has earned the reputation as the cable of professionals, encompassing microphone, speaker, guitar, coaxial, video and digital interfacing cables, as well as analogue and digital snakes. Attention to detail is particularly strong at Mogami’s plant in Nagano, Japan: every process of the design and manufacture of all cables is supervised by the company’s founder on site to ensure maximum durability, ultra-low loss signal transfer, and very low-noise. The company’s Cat5 product is particularly favoured for OB use as lies very flat to the ground and can withstand the weight of a truck without loss of bandwidth; and Polar Flex, its optimum mic cable, stays flexible down to minus 40 degrees centigrade, guaranteeing it a place in many a polar film-maker’s inventory. HHB’s Mogami Product Specialist Matthew Fletcher claims that any audio or video recording or production system is only as good as its weakest link, and that in using Mogami, the cabling will never be the cause of any problems. “From the tiniest Lavalier microphone cable to a heavy duty digital snake, every Mogami cable is designed and manufactured to perform at the highest levels,” he insists. Mogami’s president of sales Lew Hirabayashi says HHB shares the same commitment to reliability and customer service as the Japanese manufacturer, and HHB has also announced that its sales of Mogami cable will benefit victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, offering 10% of the value of its Mogami sales between now and the IBC Show in September to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.
“Our initial meetings with Mogami took place shortly before this devastating natural disaster,” explains HHB’s managing director Ian Jones. “Though Mogami was not directly involved, it seems to us an ideal way to help our many friends and industry colleagues in Japan.” HHB is now stocking a selection of Mogami cable including the 2534 reference standard NEGLEX quad high definition mic cable, 2524 guitar cable, and 2972/3082 speaker cables. In other HHB news, any customers in the UK and Ireland buying any Lynx Aurora audio converter before August 1st 2011 will receive the matching Lynx analogue I/O cables free of charge, saving £158/€181 including VAT when purchasing an Aurora 8, and £316/€363 when purchasing an Aurora 16. Also, the Lynx LT-USB option card for the Aurora is now shipping in the UK: a USB 2.0 device allowing any compatible computer to access Aurora convertors, offering 16 I/O channels at sample rates up to 96kHz or eight channels at 192kHz. The UK RRP is £399 including VAT.