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HHB brings impressive haul of new products to IBC

Along with the latest items from Dolby, PreSonus, Roland and others, the company’s Ian Jones presented a cheque to Mogami Cables’ Lew Hirabayashi on behalf of the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Along with the latest items from Dolby, PreSonus, Roland and others, the company’s Ian Jones presented a cheque to Mogami Cables’ Lew Hirabayashi on behalf of the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

New products were in abundance on the HHB Communications stand at IBC2011, which took place earlier this month. From Dolby came the new DP600 Program Optimizer software, which provides full support of EBU R128 loudness, alongside features that enable six discrete .wav files from a Pro Tools 5.1 surround session to be automatically loudness corrected and transcoded five times faster than real-time.

Olympus was represented by the LS-20M portable audio and HD video recorder, which is capable of capturing HD sound and video in a handheld format that provides features for multiple movie resolutions, including the 1080p .mov format. The LS-20M records to an SDHC card and has an HDMI output.

The PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 digital mixer was introduced to the broadcast community for the first time at IBC. The smallest of the StudioLive family, the 16.0.2 offers the seamless integration of software (including iPad remote control capability) into a compact package. The 16-channel console features eight mono input channels and four stereo channels, and provides 12 XMAX Class A solid-state mic preamps.

From Roland came the new R-26, a professional portable recorder with dual stereo microphones and two-channel recording that captures high-definition audio with natural room ambience. Featuring both omni and directional microphones, users can mix the mics together to achieve the optimum balance. The R-26 also provides XLR/TRS inputs for up to six channels (three stereo) of simultaneous recording. Roland’s proprietary IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit) has been integrated in R-26’s inputs for the built-in mics and the external inputs.

HHB also undertook the debut of several new products with co-exhibitor Wohler. The latter’s new RMQ-230 Quad Split LCD video screen and the RMV16 Series multiviewer monitoring solutions were on show alongside the iPad 2 version of Pandora. Available for iPad 2 and iPod Touch, Pandora provides a touch-screen version of the desktop loudness monitor with logging.

There was also new product from Mogami. The new 3349 5.1ch Surround Microphone Cable features six balanced, individually shielded and jacketed cores inside a small overall diameter (9mm) cable that can handle temperatures down to -20˚C. The cable has been specifically designed for 5.1 channel surround recording microphones in collaboration with DPA microphones.

On a related note, Mogami’s Lew Hirabayashi was on hand to receive a cheque on behalf of the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal from HHB’s Ian Jones. Shortly after tragic events unfolded in early March 2011, HHB declared that 10% of all pre-IBC sales of Mogami Cables would be donated to the appeal. Jones said that he was delighted to be able to give £5,000, representing £50,000 of sales, to the cause.

Back to new product, and Røde undertook the world premiere of the new NTG-8 long shotgun microphone. Optimised for recording high-quality audio for applications including film, TV, sports and outdoor broadcasting, the NTG-8 offers a feature set including low self-noise, natural sound without colouration both on and off axis, and RF bias technology. The spec also includes a super-cardioid polar pattern and a 40Hz-20kHz frequency response in a 559mm x 19mm body that weighs 345g. It requires 48V Phantom Power and features a 3-pin XLR balanced output, an improved dynamic range and a Max SPL of 127dB (A-weighted).

Finally, it was announced that HH is now a ‘Premium Certified HD Dealer’ for TC Electronic in the UK. TC products on display included the TM7 and TM9 TouchMonitor loudness meters, the DB4 MKIII and DB8 MKII for multichannel loudness correction and conversion, the System 6000 MKII with Icon Hardware Remote, and the LM2 Precision Loudness True Peak Meter with logging.