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Harris CMN-LA

What is it?A loudness analyser offering comprehensive audio monitoring features to ensure compliance with current loudness requirements. DetailsPart of the Videotek Compact Monitor Series, the CMN-LA provides loudness and true peak measurements to ITU-R BS.1770 standard with five-times oversampling. Selectable modes offer quick setup to ATSC A/85 or EBU R 128 recommendations. Up to five days of loudness data may be stored internally and quickly retrieved through the USB port or internal web server. Simultaneous metering of up to 16 channels makes for rapid alignment checks. Integrated into the CMN-LA design is the TC Electronic loudness Radar Meter, which shows loudness on short-term meters, graphs covering periods from one minute to 24 hours and numeric display of the long-term centre of gravity (average loudness) and consistency (loudness range). The basic CMN-LA unit operates with 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded audio sources, with a hardware option available to provide eight AES inputs, four AES outputs and eight analogue outputs designed to drive high-impedance loads. A flexible display is said to present data in a format most useful for the job at hand. This includes loudness radar metering for use during production, audio status display for use during programme ingest and the combination of loudness and true peak meters, numeric display and trend chart for master control monitoring. Chart data can be exported for compliance reporting with adjustable audio output delay compensating for video monitor processing in critical evaluation suites. The unit includes internal speakers and a front-panel headphone jack for source confirmation.