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Harman instrumental in record-breaking Inonu Stadium show

Altincizme Sound & Light, the most established production hire company in Istanbul, provided a range of Harman products for Grup Yorum’s record-breaking Inonu Stadium concert, writes Paul Watson

Altincizme Sound & Light, the oldest and most established production hire company in Istanbul, provided JBL line arrays, a Soundcraft console and Crown amplification for Grup Yorum’s Inonu Stadium concert, which featured a record-breaking audience. According to Biletix, the local subsidiary for Ticketmaster, Grup Yorum’s 25th Anniversary concert attracted 55,180 people. The main PA system consisted of JBL VERTEC 4889 VT line arrays: two main hangs of 12 configured L/R; and two hangs of six for the outfills, all powered by Crown I-Tech 6000 and 4000 amplifiers. JBL VRX932s were used for the small frontfills and the delay towers were made up of Meyer Sound MILO speakers. A 96-input Soundcraft Vi6 catered for the Philharmonic Orchestra which was brought in to back up Grup Yorum for this special event; the orchestra was miked using DPA 4099 clip-on mics and AKG C414s. Serdar Altincizme, engineer for the show and owner of Altincizme Sound & Light, ran 89 channels from FOH position and assigned a Yamaha PM5D to monitors. Altincizme explains that for him the Vi6 was the obvious choice for FOH. “The soft Soundcraft sound is superior to most other digital consoles I use,” he says, “along with the analogue feel of the console and the superiority of the Studer core.” Altincizme recently purchased a second Soundcraft Vi6 which will be utilised in the upcoming summer festival season, and on Grup Yorum’s European and Americas tour that kicks off in Autumn 2010. David Neal, director of marketing communications for Soundcraft Studer commented on the Vi6’s role in the event. “I’m encouraged that the Vi6 was such a big part of these celebrations,” says Neal. “It shows how widely accepted the Vi Series has become around the world.”