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Harman equips The Prodigy’s Warriors Dance fest

Serbian Harman distributor Studio Berar supplied Soundcraft Vi6 console and JBL Vertec line arrays for The Prodigy’s Warriors Dance Festival at the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade.

The Prodigy’s Warriors Dance Festival – held at the Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade this September – featured an extensive Harman audio system, including JBL Vertec powered line arrays and Soundcraft Vi6 digital audio consoles. Harman’s Serbian distributor Studio Berar provided the sound reinforcement, contracted by The Prodigy and AAA Production to cater to an audience of over 20,000 fans. Joining The Prodigy on stage were international acts Skrillex, Caspa, Zane Lowe and Feed Me, while Ritam Nereda, Goblini, Eyesburn, Lollobrigida represented the local scene. Momcilo and Emil Berar project-managed the entire event for Studio Berar, while the audio team was led by system engineers Ivan Paplacko, Zoran Matic and Aleksandar Pejin. The main stage was equipped with two 16-element hangs of Vertec VT4889ADP-DA powered full-sized line array elements, with a pair of eight-element VT4889ADP-DA line arrays providing outfills, four VT4888ADP-DA powered mid-size line array elements (for infills), two hangs of four VT4888 (sidefills), and a pair of 10-element VT4888ADP-DA line arrays as delays. In total, Studio Berar also deployed no fewer than 52 VT4880 full-size arrayable subwoofers. The whole system was processed using dbx DriveRack 4800’s while 12 Crown I-Tech I-T8000 and 24 I-Tech I-T6000 powered the passive elements of the system.