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Hannay Reels AV Range

Portable cable reels

What is it?A range of portable cable storage reels for pro-audio applications.DetailsDesigned for fast rollout and storage, Hannay AV cable storage reels are stackable using frame clips and feature side-mounted connector panels. The ‘crank rewind’ reels incorporate rugged steel and aluminium construction, using a square tubing frame and supplied with optional heavy-duty locking castors (set includes 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters). Strain relief is provided inside the reels panel compartment together with adjustable cam-lock drag brake and “ergonomic” carrying handles. Two models are currently available, the 10.5” AV-1 and 13” AV-2 – the former capable of holding up to 600ft of cable, the latter up to 750ft.And another thing…Hannay AV reels are supplied in a non-reflective black matt finish and supplied with a removable blank side panel.