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Grundorf Transport Dollies

Transport dollies

What is it?A trio of utility transport dollies designed to facilitate easier moving of equipment.DetailsEach of the three models is manufactured from 13-ply Baltic birch plywood – a rigid and durable material able to support considerable weight without flexing. To prevent abrasions to the dollies and offer protection against damage and splintering, the wood has been finished with rounded edges. A comfortable carrying handle is integrated into the dolly’s wood platform – with no protrusions to catch on clothing or other items – and the top surface of the dolly plate is also carpeted to prevent scratching the exterior of equipment carried on it. The dollies are available in two plate sizes: small (20.75” x 20.75”) and large (29.75” x 20.75”). The larger model is fitted with heavy-duty 4” casters, while for the smaller version, there’s a choice of 3” or 4” casters. Both are equipped with two brakes to ensure they remain stationary when left on an incline.And another thing…Grundorf dollies are designed to stand on their side when not in use, taking up as little space as possible.