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Grundorf ABS Series

Lightweight rack boxes

What is it? A range of lightweight rack boxes designed to house amplifiers, processors and patchbays. Details With a 16.75” depth space between the front and rear rack rails, ABS Series professional racks are available in 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U, 10U and 12U configurations. Manufactured from 3mm, high-density ABS shells and heavy-duty aluminium extrusions said to offer robust protection over many years of use, the design features gasket-fitted front and rear lids – each offering 2.25” inside depth – to protect equipment from moisture and dirt as well as physical damage. Moulded-in structural bracing ensures the cases retain their rigidity as well as allowing them to be stacked together to conserve space. The ‘lock-in-place’ design also helps ensure that equipment stays securely in place, while the pre-tensioned rack rails eliminate the problem of rack screws becoming loose. And another thing… The rails in the ABS Series rack boxes are designed to be field-replaceable, should the need arise.