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Glyph Technologies Triplicates

Glyph Technologies has evolved into Glyph Production Technologies which recently launched its debut product Triplicator, writes Paul Watson

Recording and digital storage specialist Glyph Technologies has refined its image and refocused its strengths rebranding itself as Glyph Production Technologies (GPT) which has seen the recent launch of its first product, Triplicator. Triplicator is New York headquartered GPT’s debut innovation, which makes multiple simultaneous copies of a data set. Designed as an easy-to-use time saving tool, it allows the user to connect up to three target hard drives via eSATA device ports, to a host computer via FireWire 800, USB or eSATA. Once the copy is finished, identical data will be on the multiple target drives, which Triplicator presents as one, and each drive is then ready to be used as an individual original for editing, archiving and backing up. Peter Glanville, director of marketing for GPT, says there’s much more to GPT than a new logo and branding effort, however. “Our commitment to innovate and enhance the latest technology is where the real changes are taking place at GPT,” explains Glanville. “We’re retargeting our strengths in live tech support, innovative product designs, comprehensive unit testing, and the best warranty in the industry toward any and every market that supports the production of professional images and sounds directly to data.” UK distribution of Triplicator is, rather fittingly, in the hands of the three brothers that run Cambridge headquartered Global Distribution; and G&G Trading distributes the product in Holland. A limited run of Triplicators shipped in September; and the next run, which will be much larger, will take place in November. Triplicator is rack-mountable with an optional rack kit; and uses an industry standard power cable and internal power supply. It also comes with an impact-resistant carrying case.