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Glensound GS-MM83

 What is it?An audio monitor with eight mono inputs and three stereo inputs. DetailsHoused in a 1U rack-mount enclosure, the GS-MM83 provides control and monitoring of various programme and communication sources. The first eight controls are for mono sources and include indicators for signal presence and left/right/both signal routing switches. The remaining three channels are for stereo sources and also include indicators for signal presence, left/right/both signal routing switches – as well as left-only, both, right-only, signal routing switching of the individual stereo inputs. The front-panel speaker is driven via a DSP, volume control, cut switch, dim switch and a control for the dim level – when either the front or external dim switches are activated. Both 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones outputs are fitted; connecting headphones to either will disable the front-panel speaker. All rear-panel balanced inputs are via 3-pin XLR sockets – except input 9 which is a 3.5 mm miniature stereo jack. The rear panel also includes a pair of stereo XLRs sockets for connecting un-powered monitor speakers, a pair of terminals for powering an external speaker and a switch to select the front or rear speakers. A second switch selects the preset equalisation mode for the chosen speakers. Level controls are provided for the three separate speaker outputs on the GS-MM83, while a 9-pin D-type connector enables remote control of the cut and dim functions. The onboard DSP includes filters optimised to provide the best performance for voice or music applications, and include a third setting for a flat EQ response, if required. EQ functionality is implemented by means of a rear panel switch and indicators. The GS-MM83 incorporates a high-quality switch mode supply and operates from 100-240V (50/60Hz) AC mains.