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Glensound GS-DC314 ADC

What is it?An analogue to digital converter module for the Glensound DC314 system. DetailsThe GS-DC314 ADC incorporates an AES3 digital output on XLR, a S/PDIF digital output on RCA phono plus optical TOSLINK port. Its balanced analogue inputs are also on XLR connectors and simultaneous outputs are available on all three digital circuits. It offers sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz at 24-bit output resolution; when the card is installed in the DC314 system, The DAC module takes its sampling frequency from the first valid module to its left. This could be the DC-314 CLK GEN module, or any other valid AES input on a card. The DC-314 is a flexible multi-card design said to provide high-quality digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversion in a 3RU 19” rack that can accept up to 14 modules from a current range of six. In addition to the GS-DC314, these comprise a digital to analogue module (DAC), master clock generator module (CLK GEN), sample rate converter (SRC), digital distribution amp (DDA) and word clock distribution amp (CDA). The range also includes single, triple and 14-card frames to house the modules. Any combination of A2D and D2A modules can be used in the rack. If A2D modules are required then either a master clock generator module or a DAC module are required to provide a clock reference for the A2D module. Modules have the audio connectors on their front panels and the 19” rack has removable ears that allow the modules to position in the rack facing the front or the rear. The switch mode power supply (100 to 250V) is mounted on the back of the rack and the associated mains inlet panel can be mounted either on the back or front of the