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Genelec, GP announce technology link-up

Genelec international sales manager Lars-Olof Janflod, pictured, and team have agreed a new deal with GP Acoustics that entails the limited sharing of their respective technologies.

Genelec and KEF/Celestion parent company GP Acoustics have agreed upon the limited sharing of technologies, reports PSN-e. According to the two partners, the sharing of their existing technologies will help to advance “loudspeaker technology development, bringing benefits to both the industry and the users.”

Under the new arrangement, Genelec has shared its waveguide technology – utilised in its reference products since 1980s – which help to control the directivity and overall power response of a loudspeaker. GP Acoustics has shared its technology features related to traditional coaxial driver design which support compact coaxial solutions for mid- and high-frequency drive units.