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For whom the trumpet toots

Roland takes centre stage at the Sardinian Jazz Festival with nine M-400s in service in Cagliari

Simultaneously with the 26th edition of the Jazzin’ Sardegna International Jazz Festival, the Sardinian city of Cagliari’s trade fair centre recently hosted the European Jazz Expo, an international jazz showcase featuring world-level talents such as bass divo Marcus Miller.

The event’s audio and lighting contractor was local rental firm Rockhaus Blu Studio, under the guidance of technical director Alberto Erre. He explains: “We also supplied the technical staff for all the venues and the festival’s technical sponsors included our company, Roland Systems Group, K-Array and Musical Box. We used K-Array’s Red Line systems in three of the rooms and Roland’s M-400 V-Mixer consoles with relative RSS digital snake in five of the seven rooms with sound reinforcement.”

The M-400 systems were used in the Palazzo dei Congressi, Red Room, Jazzino and Village. Erre adds: “In these venues, we used a pair of mixers – one for FOH and the other on monitors, whereas we used a single desk in the Marquee, on both FOH and monitors duty.”

All five rooms also had dedicated Roland Live M-48 personal monitor mixers, enabling musicians to obtain their own tailor-made mix for their headphones or monitor speakers.

The remaining two rooms had Yamaha consoles: in the Green Room, a DM2000 was used for both FOH and monitor mixing, whereas the Blue Room had a pair of Yamaha PM5D systems with an EtherSound network.

A large number of the concerts staged were recorded and, apart from the facility enabling a stereo (.wav) file to be recorded on a USB pen with all the Roland mixers, at the Palazzo dei Congressi (where artists performing included Uri Caine and trumpet aces Enrico Rava and Paolo Fresu), a Roland SONAR REAC Recording System was also installed and recordings made directly from the digital snake, using a PC with the REAC driver and SONAR software installed.

During the three-day event, Roland Systems Group staff hosted a day’s practical and theoretical course offering sound engineers the possibility of becoming certified RSS System Technology operators.

After the event, Erre, also a record producer with his own recording studio (run with his musician brother), commented: “We’d already used the Roland mixer during last year’s expo, and once again this year, the features we most appreciated were their intuitive user-friendliness, the quality of their preamplifiers and the reliability of the whole RSS system – we didn’t have a single system glitch during the entire festival.”