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Focusrite ISA is pride of place for Bushby

Double Grammy Award-winning engineer Adrian Bushby is using Focusrite’s ISA220 at his north London studio facility

A lifelong Focusrite user, Bushby was first introduced to the manufacturer whilst still a budding tape op in the late ‘80s at Trident Studios. “We were all dying to try out Focusrite when it came along and whenever we did, it sounded amazing,” he insists. “It’s something I’ll always go for if it’s in the room because I trust it and I know it always sounds great.” During the ‘90s after progressing up the familiar ladder from assistant to recording engineer, Bushby found himself mixing records for New Order, U2 and Smashing Pumpkins; and last year picked up his second Grammy for Muse’s multi-platinum album Resistance. More recently, he has mixed singles for up-and-coming artists including Everything Everything, Art Vs Science, and Two Door Cinema Club from his own studio space in north London; and at the helm is Focusrite’s ISA220, as well as the ISA430MkII “Recently, I did a radio mix for Band Of Skulls, and the track heavily relied on the vocal,” explains Bushby. “I had the ISA220 in the room and put the vocal straight through it. For me, it made the mix come alive; the vocal sound was fantastic.” Another Focusrite fan is world renowned DJ Carl Cox, who uses a pair of Focusrite’s Liquid Channels as the last stage in his audio chain, which he says provide warmth and quality to the sound. Cox was the first ever winner of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 poll in 1997; and still sells out venues across the globe. “Our FOH engineer said it was the first time in his career that he didn’t need to add any EQ or processing,” Cox says. “They give me a sonic edge; you just set it and forget it.”