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Focal Solo 6BE

What is it?An active 2-way near-field monitor designed for ‘easy integration’ into broadcast, music production and post-production facilities. DetailsPart of the Focal SM6 Series, the Solo 6BE houses a 6.5” ‘W’ cone sandwich composite driver – loaded by a large-section laminar bass port – and an inverted dome pure beryllium tweeter. According to Focal, the LF driver combines neutrality in the mid-range, ‘fullness’ in the mid-bass register and a well-controlled LF response. The inverted dome tweeter design is said to optimise the mechanical coupling between the voice coil and the dome which, Focal claims, results in greater linearity than ‘positive’ dome tweeters and lower directivity by comparison with ribbon tweeters. The use of beryllium (in place of titanium or aluminium) also offers much greater rigidity.Designed for near-field monitoring on top of a console or on suitable stands, the Solo 6BE can be used either horizontally or vertically and with the drivers either way up so that the tweeter is positioned at a height approximately equivalent to the listener’s ears. Overall frequency response is quoted at 40Hz – 40kHz and maximum SPL at 113dB @1m. The 150W LF amplifier stage uses BASH technology – said to marry high efficiency with low distortion and extended bandwidth – while the 100W HF amplifier is a more conventional Class AB design. The 330mm x 240mm x 290mm shielded enclosure includes a rear-panel sensitivity selector plus adjustable LF/HF level controls and XLR input connections.